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Before & After Pictures

Getzen flugel horn (c. 1970's) that had been neglected for a while.
Now it is like new again!


A common occurence - mouthpiece gets stuck and "someone" (usually a Dad) tries to pull it out with pliers and ends up breaking the trumpet braces and/or solder joints.  We have a mouthpiece puller that works in about 30 seconds and it is a FREE SERVICE!  There is, however, a charge to rebuild the trumpet...

Notice the curvature of the body that shouldn't be there and the big dent next to the thumb key tone hole in the "before" pictures above.  To the right is the "after" - all straightened out and playing beautifully again.

Mellophone was brought in when someone fell into it in the bleachers of a college hockey game.  Ouch.

This trumpet was stepped on.  We had to completely disassemble the
instrument in order to straighten the bell stem.
Bell stem being burnished in the Ferree's dent machine...and the final
product fully re-assembled.

This sousaphone was literally hanging on the side of a barn until the current owner discovered it and asked to buy it.  Turned out quite nice!

A music store told this customer that her flute headjoint could not be fixed and that she would have to buy a new one.  We repaired it to like new and saved her quite a bit of $$.

French Horn valves "before and after" being cleaned.

Bach Strad trumpet  that was dropped.

More before and after pictures

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